Our Process

Lighting System Audit - A facility-wide lighting system audit will be performed by one or more of our energy retrofit specialists. Many things are taken into consideration during the initial audit, including the following:

  • Location description
  • Annual hours of operation
  • Fixture quantities
  • Lamp & Ballast types
  • Ceiling Height
  • Current Average Energy Rate
  • Available Utility Company Incentives

The data is then entered into Energy Retrofit Co.’s proposal generation system.

Project Analysis and Design - Once the audit data is entered into the computer, project analysis and design are performed. Many factors must be considered including existing conditions, tasks performed, payback criteria, and specific customer requests. Our projects are designed on a fixture by fixture, area-by-area basis to achieve the best possible results for the customer. Project design is a team effort, and all proposals are subject to a final review by a principal of the company and our master electrician.

Presentation of Proposal - Our proposal format has evolved over time to address the specific needs and requests of our customers. Customers receive all of the detail necessary to make an informed purchase decision. During the presentation, we methodically walk customers through all of the information contained in the proposal. The presentation is interactive; we encourage customers to ask questions at any time. Our proposal details the amount of projected energy savings based on the data collected from the client, and will show concrete Simple Payback and ROI numbers.

Project Installation - Upon receipt of a signed contract (signed by the owner or duly authorized representative of the company), materials are ordered and shipped from distributors and manufacturers. The company operations manager will schedule a time and date that fits the customer’s operation schedule. Our goal is to minimize or eliviate any “down-time” to the customer’s operation. Night work and/or weekend work is performed routinely at no additional cost

Warranty/Maintenance - Warranty information is always included in our contracts. The warranty will encompass all issues as related to the installed components. Some components carry different warranty lengths, including ballasts, lamps, and fixtures. In warranty situations, Energy Retrofit Co. will diagnose the problem, and supply components as necessary. If there are large numbers of lamp or ballast failures, Energy Retrofit Co. will enroll the manufacturer to assist in identifying the problem, and see that the agreed upon warranties are maintained.

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